Funding & Grants

Haddington and District Community Council have a number of initiatives to access funding

Food & Clothing Grants

Haddington & District Community Council has been successful in securing funding to support local families who are experiencing difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have set up the HCC Food Voucher and Clothing Grant scheme for local Families.
Referrals to these grants should be made by either a professional or agency working with an individual or family who are experiencing financial difficulties and need a helping hand to purchase food shopping and or clothing.
The person making the referral should specify how much they think the individual/family needs to assist them at this time.

The cash grant cannot be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco, all receipts must be returned to the person who has made the referral.

The H&DCC will then review the application, decide how much is to be awarded as a grant, and arrange for the person making the referral to be given the cash grant.  These grants are open to everyone in the Haddington and Lammermuir ward and will be awarded as long as we have the funds.  If anyone requires any further information please contact us

Referral Form can be downloaded from  HERE

HDCC Local Funding

Haddington & District Community Council has funds to assign to Local Groups, Individuals, or Activities that can show it will benefit the community.

Haddington Community Council has a limited budget which is allocated throughout the year to fund our varied activities. Since our budget is finite, some or all our funding requests will not be successful. This policy gives us a set of criteria to be used when determining which ones are to be successful.

If successful, we then need guidelines on the amount we can offer. A simply fixed amount limit is not appropriate as it’s too simplistic when applying this to the varied sizes and needs of the groups who make requests i.e. a club needing to buy books for £50 can’t be compared against a club who perhaps need £1,500 to fix a club roof.

To this end, we will offer 2-tiered funding options –

  • A 100% funding option if the value is up to £200 – assuming all other criterion has been met. This payment can be made immediately.
  • If over £200 we apply a “50%” matched funding rules up to a maximum payment value of £1,000 – assuming we have this money available, and all other criterion checks have been met.

There will be no phasing-in of the fixed £200 limit. If a request is for £210 or £1,000, they will have to match fund 50% i.e. £155 or £550 for the examples given. This will hopefully encourage genuine request amounts being sought.

Owing to the matched funding condition, payment of any monies will be made when the fund matching has been proven. Details of this method are detailed later in the form below

To access the Local Funding request form please click HCC Funding Application Form