December 2020

Haddington Community Council currently has a seat available for an Athelstaneford representative

We are looking for people who will not only get involved in the monthly meetings but all aspects of the Community Council such as attending events, representing the community at consultations, helping out with Local festivals, fun days and round the year hands-on projects.  Overall we would expect members to donate at least 50 hours of time over the year (includes the 20 hours of meetings per year)

Special consideration will be given to those who can bring any professional experience to the community such as legal, planning, building, event or project management and fundraising.

Check out our About us page to see what we currently do and check out about what a community Council is on the community councils website

If you’re interested in joining the contact us through the Contact us page and we will be in touch to invite you along to a meeting to discuss.

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