Haddington and District Community Council have some Samsung tablets to loan out to help some members of the community keep in touch with their family and friends, do online learning or relieve the boredom over the lockdown period.
If you or anyone you know who would really benefit from having such a device and who has access to wifi, please send us a message on the form below.
We will consider all the requests received and allocate the tablets to the people we feel would benefit from them the most.  The H&DCC would like to thank two generous donors for helping make this possible. 
A spokesperson for the H&DCC said, “we all know it’s good to be able to talk to family and friends, especially at this time of the year, but its even better to be able to see a friendly face”.

With funding from the Haddington and Lammermuir Area Partnership and private donations, H&DCC has already placed 12 Samsung Tablets and distributed them a number of families, two care homes and Our Community Kitchen in Haddington. 

These devices are there to assist the elderly communicate with their family and friends oor let someone access online learning and will stay with them for as long as they need them. 
The H&DCC felt it was important that  people currently feeling isolated in their homes or without proper access to online learning had access to these types of devices to assist in tackling loneliness and to help with their general well being. 



  1. Devices will be given only to people within the area covered by H&DCC  See map here
  2. Prospective users of these devices must have access to their own WiFi.
  3. These devices are for LOAN only. At the moment we have not put a time limit on length of the LOAN but this may change.
  4. Tablets will remain the property of H&DCC and could be recalled at any time.
  5. The devices are locked down and restricted to the authorised apps pre-installed.
  6. H&DCC is not responsible for the support of installed apps or accounts used to access app functions. Also we are not able to support the Android software.
  7. All devices are location tracked for security purposes. This location information is limited to Community Council tablet team and will only be shared if a formal request is made from the appropriate authorities.
  8. Devices can be remotely disabled if the devices are used inappropriately.
  9. If a device is not used we will request the return of the device so it could be reallocated.
  10. It’s also really important that you know and understand that there is an extremely small possibility that any data downloaded onto the devices could be exposed to members of the H&DCC tablet team when they are returned to us. We will minimise this exposure as much as possible and encourage you to logout of all applications and delete personal data before you return the device.

These devices come preloaded with the recommended E Learning apps (EG. Google classroom) or a number of standard Communication and social apps (eg Zoom, Facebook).

You can request additional applications to be loaded by contacting us through the contact us page