Booster vaccination centre to be established at Haddington Corn Exchange | East Lothian Council

A COVID-19 booster vaccination centre is to be set-up within Haddington Corn Exchange.

The ongoing pandemic continues to present a risk to public health coupled with increased transmissibility associated with the Omicron variant.

That’s why East Lothian Council is working in partnership with NHS Lothian to accelerate opportunities for local residents to access boosters.

With a central location in Haddington, the Corn Exchange – which has been closed following a recent refurbishment project – is seen as a suitable location to administer booster jabs.

It has been agreed that the Corn Exchange will be leased to NHS Lothian for a year. It will open as soon as practical.

Alison Macdonald, Director of the East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership, said:

“The vaccination programme has been continuing at pace, with most eligible people having now received their first and second jab while excellent progress continues to be made in rolling out boosters.

“While there continues to be concern about the high number of cases, we know that vaccination can reduce the harm caused by COVID-19. Like other vaccines, levels of protection may reduce over time. By taking up the offer of a booster dose, people can extend the protection gained from their first and second vaccination. Those eligible can get the booster dose at least 12 weeks after their second.

“We’re pleased to have reached agreement with council colleagues for use of Haddington Corn Exchange for a year. It is an accessible location which we expect will become the focus of our booster programme in East Lothian as we move through 2022.”

Sharon Saunders, Head of Communities, East Lothian Council said:

“An extensive refurbishment project has been undertaken at Haddington Corn Exchange. We appreciate that groups and others will have been looking forward to using the building once again.

“But unfortunately the building has remained closed while the council has managed extreme staffing pressures, largely as a result of the pandemic. This has included a shortage of cleaning staff, with resources re-deployed to keep facilities such as schools and care homes home.

“With the pandemic likely to continuing presenting challenges well into the new year and NHS colleagues requiring suitable premises to administer boosters, we have reached an agreement for the Corn Exchange to be used in support of our local response to this continuing public health crisis.

Further information about use of the Corn Exchange in support of the booster programme will be announced in due course.

Published: Monday, 13th December 2021