This poem was penned by Stewart on the day he attended one of the Thistle Committals – 18th May 2018

We stand, and at attention, wait,

Facing the fence with the monument behind

The Town flag bowed in salute

While the little metal Thistle is placed and aligned.


“They shall not grow old” is said in respect

For the many young men from Haddington town

While the traffic passes on a busy day

A thoughtful moment with heads bowed down.


The Pipes they are played in accompaniment

“Flooers o’ the Forest” a cry for the dead,

As the notes arise into the afternoon sky

Perhaps a tear on the cheek can be shed.


This was a war “to end all wars”

But in the process it killed so many men

Young at heart and at the start of life

They fought and they died in an endless campaign.


“The Haddington soldiers remembered 4 years and 130 dead”


Stewart Carruthers 18th May 2018