The Haddington & District Community Council Lending Library which has been successfully running since June will be winding down in 2021.


This project was set up during lockdown due to a successful funding application through Connecting Communities.  During its operation, this project supported around 100 people in the Haddington area who were either isolating or shielded.

The HDCC Library offered members of the public, jigsaws, books, and games and delivered these items to peoples doors whenever they were needed, normally the same day as the request was made.

A competition was run and five lucky members of the community had their photographs turned into Jigsaws.   These jigsaws have been used in the library and will be retained for future use within the community.
This project was run by members of the Haddington and District Community Council Resilience Team and operated out of the Bridge Center who kindly donated us space to store the hundreds of books and Jigsaws.
The Community Councillor Volunteers involved have all said it was a brilliant service and one particular counselor was quoted in saying, “it was great being able to offer this door to door service to people who really needed it, in some cases, we were the only faces they had seen at their doors for a while and we all enjoyed the interaction, all be it, at a safe distance”.
The H&DCC would like to thank the whole community for their generous donations during the lockdown period, that kept us supplied with everything we needed to run this very successful project.