Haddington Community Council in partnership with the Haddington Events group have come to the difficult decision after much discussion that the Haddington Festival Fun Day in Neilson Park will not go ahead in 2021.


A Representative for the Community council said, it is with great sadness that we must cancel our usual final day of the Haddington Festival in 2021. With the on-going Global pandemic, we have come to the unfortunate decision that the fun day in the park will not be going ahead for 2021. We cannot run an event on the scale that is normally held in the park and being able to maintain the strict social distancing guidelines currently put in place by the Scottish Government.


We are currently working on a way to take some of our usual festival antics onto an online presentation for 2021, but the fun day will unfortunately be cancelled.


All future information regarding the festival will be available on Facebook at: www.facebook/HaddingtonEvents