Haddington Events Group is pleased to announce some carefully selected activities for this years festival bearing in mind the current situation around pandemic restrictions and Social distancing.
First of these is to have the businesses in town take part
We have 3 Tranches running for 2021.
The Traditional Window dressing competition,   where every business competing for the coveted trophy of the best window decoration.  This year we have no central theme so it’s up to each business to decorate how they see fit
Also this year we are holding Two competitions
  1. Spot odd item out – each business places an Item they DONT sell in the window and then people have to go around and spot as many items as possible.
  2. Teddy Bear Hunt – Each business taking part will be given a numbered bear and we do a treasure hunt where kids follow clues to find the business and their numbered bear,  This may be useful for businesses who may not want or can’t do window dressing as all we are asking is for an a5 card to be displayed in a window or door for the week.
We have an online entry form for the businesses https://haddingtoncc.org.uk/events/business-festival-entry/   or they can just email us at Contact Us page
We are looking to have all participants in place by 15th May so we can organise everything we need in time for 29th May when we will start the competitions and Judge the shop windows.
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